The Three Main Causes of Headaches

  • Trigger Point Headaches- Tight muscles that refer pain into the head.  
  • Headaches can subside, but musculature may still pull on the cranium causing structural imbalances.
  • The suboccipitals pictured left, cause the “over the brow” headache pattern.
  • Cranial Distortion- Something unique to Neurosomatic Therapy is moving the plates of your cranium into proper alignment.
  • On the inside of your cranium, there is a sheath known as the “Dura” that wraps around your brain.  
  • When your plates are misaligned, the dura can squeeze the brain.
  • Pictured right is me! This picture was taken when I was getting headaches regularly.  Notice the lines that intersect.  Symmetry is beauty.
  • Vertebral Misalignment-    
  •         !!!!!!!The Dreaded Migraine!!!!!!! 

  •  Misalignment of the spine as it meets the cranium affects blood flow in and out of the head, contorting the vertebral artery and vein.
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