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We look at the body as a kinetic chain, with multiple moving parts. Instead of focusing on the”problem area”, we consider all the forces throughout your entire structure and how they affect the joint in question.
We are the holistic alternative to pain medication.
We save people from unnecessary surgeries everyday.
By utilizing an 84 point postural assessment, we measure the forces and vectors that hold your body in the position it is in.
Using manual therapy techniques, we release specific musculature that is pulling the bone out of alignment, and allow that bone to slide back to the proper place by eliminating the force.
Restore proper biomechanics of the joint.

Why Choose Pain Free Bodies?

Neurosomatic Therapy is your one way ticket out of pain. Using all holistic methods, NST practitioners are trained in pain pathologies and use manual techniques to help you out of those poor patterns and into optimal alignment. We address all pain, whether it be something easy as plantar fasciitis, TMJ, or back pain, or something more complicated like migraines and irritable bowel syndrome, 
we can help with it all.
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Session Length:
1.5 Hour
Available Treatment

Neurosomatic Therapy

Neurosomatic Therapy is an integrated form of massage therapy that uses a wide range of techniques to bring the body back into postural alignment and restore optimal function. Our unique method of advanced postural analysis allows us to create a personalized treatment plan just for you. This is designed to target the root cause of your pain rather than blindly chasing symptoms. ⠀

We utilize an 84-point measurement system to create a map of the body's 3-dimensional standing, sitting and supine (lying on your back) postures. We then overlay this with your symptoms and health history to determine which tissues have excess tension and what might be causing it. Next we use this information to create your personalized treatment plan. ⠀

Treatment consists primarily of the precise application of the best massage and bodywork techniques, including myofascial release, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and lympatic drainage. We treat everything from the organs to the soft tissues that move the bones of the skull (yes, your skull is made up of a bunch of little bones and they all move!). These techniques are applied in a way that is designed to lengthen shortened tissues, reduce demands on the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, and restore balance to the structures of the body.⠀

Practitioners of NST operate under the principle that form follows function - meaning that the structure of the body affects its health, and health affects the structure of the body. This is why we consider other lifestyle and health factors like diet and emotional health as well in our assessment and treatment.
Available Treatment

Neuromuscular Reprogramming

Neuromuscular Reprogramming is a series of neurological muscle tests used to identify and correct coordination dysfunctions that often cause joint misalignment, pain, and degeneration. When applied to the entire body, NMR locates the overpowering force, and the segments of the body that are negatively affected by it. Muscular relationships are then balanced in each plane of motion within the joint, and throughout the entire body.

Think of all of your muscles as a baseball team, and the weight of your body as the ball; Nobody on the team ever passes the ball to the guy that always drops it, creating a faulty firing pattern.
Neuromuscular Reprogramming locates the muscle that always drops the ball, and then resolves individual muscular relationships, balancing the overpowering force to the rest of the body. The testing strengthens the neurological connection between the brain and the weak muscle, and strengthens the firing pattern between the once overpowering force to those it overpowered.
What People Have To Say


  • Megan's professional assessment of my pain was extremely accurate. Her attention to detail and the resulting treatment helped me be pain free for several weeks after the initial soreness wore off!


    UI/UX Designer
  • Megan has done amazing work on me and I feel better every day.
    I had resigned myself to certain pains, blaming age but with her help I am feeling younger and stronger .
    I highly recommend Pain Free Bodies of Tampa if you too want to feel better.


    Front-End Developer

Meet the PFB Team

Megan Moore

Lead Therapist
Neurosomatic Specialist
Megan Moore has been practicing Neurosomatic Therapy in the Tampa Bay area for the past six years. Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at just six months old, joint pain kept her from standing or walking until she was four, and the prescribed medical treatment severely damaged her immune system.

As a teenager, she became a runway model and worked full time for designers in New York, Europe, and Asia. She faced many medical problems as travelling took its toll on her immune system. Megan spent three years seeking appropriate help while being bedridden and in extreme pain.

Megan enrolled in a Pain Specialist program in Florida, and post graduation, she studied Neuromuscular Reprogramming and became a certified Pilates instructor.

Megan is proud to say at age 31, and possibly for the first time in her life, she began to live pain-free. Corrected structural alignment and exercise has proven to be the saving grace in Megan’s life, and she hopes to bring just that to those in need.
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